Our rifle range is 25 yards long and our air gun range is 10 meters long. We shoot at targets specially designed for these distances.

Other clubs including outdoor ones with longer or shorter ranges shoot at different sized targets which are proportional to their range.

image of the targets on the range

Our sport can be enjoyed by men and women of any age from twelve upwards including anyone with disabilities (which allows them to hold a rifle safely)

We offer opportunities for members to take part in club, county and national competitions or if they prefer they can simply shoot for their own enjoyment.

The circle on the left is about 2 inches wide and each shot can score up to 10 points. Anyone shooting 10 bulls will score the maximum 100 points. It seems easy but it's much harder than it looks. It takes lots of practice to get those high scores!

Safety is extremely important and we ask all members to read and understand the safety rules available via the above link or the downloads page.